Design Portfolio Review

All students are required to submit an online portfolio for review after completion of ARTS 241: Design 1. This review is to ensure that students possess the necessary technical skills and demonstrate an understanding of design principles required by upper-division coursework. If the review committee deems a portfolio subpar, students will be put on probation and need to submit a revised portfolio for review before being accepted into ARTS 345: Design 3. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to any design faculty member (Profs. Caldwell, DeRosa, Grella, Fortunato, Weinstein or Woo).

Spring 2024:

Last day to submit: May 22, 2024
Note: Late submissions will not be accepted and you will automatically be put on probation.

Include at least five projects in your portfolio. Include at least one project from Design 1 and one project from Type 1. Motion, animation and illustration assignments may be included, but photography or drawing projects should not be included. Avoid rote class exercises (i.e. color studies). You may include projects from other classes or projects that you have completed on your own if you believe these projects cover the requirements listed below. Outcomes for the Portfolio Review are final. Final evaluation scores are not subject to appeal.

The projects included in your portfolio should show a solid understanding of:

  1. Design principles and element
  2. Typography
  3. Composition and layout
  4. Concept, ideas, and research
  5. Craftsmanship & attention to detail
  6. Creative image creation, curation, and manipulation
  7. Presentation and portfolio design

Your “Design Philosophy” should be a short paragraph of your personal thoughts on design and why you are interested in pursuing design as a career.

Submitting your Portfolio:

  1. Create an online portfolio using Note: Make sure your portfolios are public and not password protected.
  2. Upload images of your work and include a description explaining your concept, research and process for each project.
  3. Go to and fill out the form.
  4. Results of the portfolio review will be emailed via student qmail accounts before start of Fall semester.