Utopia Parkway literary journal

Utopia Parkway is open for visual art submissions! Deadline March 15

Email visual art submissions to utopiaparkwaysubmissions@gmail.com.  

We accept image jpegs of a wide range of visual art. If you’re excited about it then please submit it. Image format: RGB, 300 dpi. Time-based media, such as video and animation, may be submitted as a link to a publicly shared Google Drive or Dropbox folder. If you aren’t sure how to submit your work then please email us. You may submit multiple projects.

Limit submissions of narrative art, such as comics, to 10 pages. Video submissions should not exceed 7 minutes.

Please follow this naming protocol for all art submission attachments: 
Full Name_Project Title_image number.extension

Kristy Caldwell_Home Is_01.jpg
Kristy Caldwell_Home Is_02.jpg
Kristy Caldwell_Portals_01.jpg

The subject line of your email should read: your last name, a period, and then the genre(s) of work you are submitting. Ex: Smith.VisualArt or Smith.VisualArt.Poetry

All submissions require a cover letter:
The cover letter must state your name, your genre(s) and title(s) of the work you are submitting, one or two sentences about you and your interest in visual art (and creative writing, if there’s a written component to your project), and your preferred email address. Questions welcome.